If you are a big fan of the TV show, then this might be a good rental. For everyone else, this is a game to avoid.

User Rating: 6.5 | Lost: Via Domus X360
There are very few games that just flat-out bore you. Even terrible games can avoid being boring. Unfortunately, 'Lost: Via Domus' is extremely boring at times. Even if you are like me and are a big fan of the show, you may find this game a chore to complete. It's not the worst game I have played and it has it's good parts, but this is a game that didn't need to be made.

In 'Lost: Via Domus', you play as a survivor of the plane crash. The character you play isn't involved with the TV show in any way. It's a character that was made solely for this game, so all of the events here don't really apply to the actual TV show. Pretty much every major character from the show is in this game at some point, though. While it's nice to be able to walk the beach and talk to these characters, the story that the game is trying to tell isn't all that interesting. Perhaps the worst offense here is that many of the cast from the show declined to do voice work for the game. So you have imitation voices and some are just terrible. For any fan of the show, this is a jarring experience and you when you first hear characters like Locke or Sawyer it will take you out of the experience.

Which is a shame because that's all this game is really trying to do. This is less a game and more like interactive episodes of the show. And when lousy voice acting takes you out of that experience, it really defeats the purpose. It doesn't help the game looks like crap in the visual dept. This looks like an HD version of a regular Xbox game at times. Some of the characters look downright awful and the lip-syncing is WAY off. It's a shame more time/money couldn't have been put into the presentation of the game. They did make each level feel like an episode of the show. There is a teaser ending and a "previously on Lost...." opening for each level. It even has the main title fade-in just like the tv show.

It is nice to have each level feel like an episode of the show, but when the story that it's trying to tell isn't interesting then it doesn't matter. This is an adventure game that has very little action or actual things to do. So when you can't tell a good story in a game like this, what is the point of the game?

I gave this game a decent score because it is fun to walk around the island and talk to the characters from the show. And the game makes you smile when you walk past a random polar bear lying dead on the ground. Or when you have to type the "numbers" into the computer. Or when see you 'The Hatch' again. It's like seeing it all for the first time and is a nice trip down memory lane. If you don't know what I am talking about when I give those examples, then you have no business playing this game. You will have no idea what's going on and will probably hate it. This game is for fans of the show only.

Even if you are a fan, however, don't expect much from this game. It's extremely short and not worth a purchase even if it was a better game. And if you are expecting this to be a great chapter in the world of 'Lost', then think again. When an adventure game (that has very little actual gameplay) can't even provide a decent adventure or story, you know the game has issues. This is a rental for fans of the show, at best. And even then, you might be disappointed. For everyone else, I would stay away and go rent the DVD's instead.