This game is so boring you won't even complete it with a friend...

User Rating: 3 | Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal X360
At all times "Looney Tunes" was a great cartoon and there were many games with "Looney Tunes" characters. Some were good, some bad. This one is very bad unfortunately.
At first it seems like it could be fun. Using guns to lay waste on enemies together with a friend and whacking enemies with frying pans and various attacks from the cartoon. But...
It gets boring very quick. It is all the same. Activate switch, break boxes etc. Rinse and repeat. The game has almost no story and fun moments which should be in any "Looney Tunes" game. And buggy and frustrating environments do not help much at all to make this game any better. Broken secrets which will make you rip your hair out just by trying to get some crappy coin from the ceiling and spending quite a lot of time on it but then figuring out that you simply cannot get it due to a programming bug. And the game is filled with them literally.
In conclusion it is a horrible game fit maybe for kids at age 3 though I doubt even they will enjoy this broken game.
Good: Gunplay with "Looney Tunes" characters, coop mode
Bad: buggy environments, no fun at all, repetitive and boring.