pure garbage!

User Rating: 1 | Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal X360
i just bought this game, and yeah its garbage... whoever wrote the story must hate life and out to get the company. Nobody is ever on live.. cause nobody who has this game ever wants to waste anymore of their life playing it. So many problems with camera, you'll fall off ledges more than not simply because you can't see where the **** your going. I bought this game cause i wanted a fun co-op multiplayer game for live.. this is not that. Its just amazing how little the people who made this really gave a **** I mean they obviously knew this was pathetic and absolutely poorly made in every respect, and they still released it. I guess they knew they would make money cause people will buy looney tunes, but they still could have invested effort for a half decent game and would have made money. They prob like made the crapiest and cheapest possible so they ceo's could keep all the rest of the money.