Fans of the series will love it. It may be nothing new, but it's swallowed up huge chunks of my life.

User Rating: 9 | LMA Manager 2007 X360
This is the first in the long running LMA Manager series to appear on the Xbox 360. It's got the option to manage in all the major European leagues, and a surprisingly powerful match engine, which can be disabled at any time. You can involve yourself in everything from selecting training schedules, to player contracts or even sponsorship, or you can leave it to your staff. Everything is fully licensed, and the Achievements encourage the player to manage in other countries. Even the stadiums are there to be tinkered with, allowing you to expand even the smallest ground into a huge San Siro style mega-stadium. In addition to the Ground developing, you can also revamp your training ground, adding indoor pitches, a gymnasium etc. I love this game, it has real depth and it's a must for any football management fan.