You won't get out of your bedroom for days

User Rating: 7.4 | LMA Manager 2007 PS2
And thats not because the game is so good... im going to start off with the games MAJOR problem, that is the loading times, it takes what seams like forever to load and to be honest makes the game rather boring. Once you get into the match and tranfer arena its much the same as previous versions of the game. I played LMA 2002 as well as playing this updated game to refresh my memory of the series, i found that although 2007 has the better stats and i like the layout, the 2002 version was just so much better, the loading was fast and you didnt have to sit around for hours waiting for the game to load. Its a case of so close but yet so far, i would just like some shorter load times to make the game more fun and much more enjoyable.