Absolutely Addictive!!!!

User Rating: 10 | Live for Speed PC
This is by far the best simulation racing game ever made!
If you are a hardcore racer, then this is the simulator for you.
You just need to buy a good wheel with pedals, and you are off to a new way of life!
The physics from this game are very well studied, although the crashes could be better.
You can change the configuration of your car to such detail, that you really need to know a thing or 2 about setting a racing car to drive with your style.
If you like drifting... this is the game!!!! if you like grip... this still is your game... if you like to crash on other cars... this is not the game for u! even though you can crash and damage your car, its physics are a bit unrealistic.. especially when you play online! for example: if you hit a barrier when you are driving real slow, your car flips so high like it was a huuuge speed crash... well this is a little bug which I am sure that will be reviewed by the developers...
There is a good variety of car types and different handling for each car. Each car has its own unique behaviour. You have front wheel drive, Rear wheel, or 4x4 Drive traction cars... normal road cars, or race cars like GTR style, or even monoplaces (f1, F3 style).
There is a fair number of tracks to chose from and you can drive them in a normal direction or reverse.
Being able to play online is like the cherry in the cake... you can play against up to 30 players or more...depending on the server. You have a HUGE crowd devoted to play this game every night... there is tournments going on, servers dedicated to make you start driving the basic car and then make money and points so you can buy better cars... believe me... there is another world waiting for u.
At first you feel that the game is not that much, because you are used to those super games that eats your graphic cards out, or those exceptional sounds provided by the best technology on games... well, this is a simple and very well made game that does not consume your pc.
When you start to get hold of the wheel, it will look as real as it can be in real world... and that is the important bit.
Yes, I stringly advise you to buy a decent wheel for this one! Like me... buy yourself a Logitech G25.
It goes perfectly on this sim.
If you are into the game then you must know that the best reces around LFD are online where the servers accept only the FBM (Formula BMW)... must fun I had in a virtual racing environment... Believe me, if you can't go race on a real track... race on Live For Speed...!
If you love racing, do not hesitate!!!! buy this game and be welcomed to the family!!!