Little Big Planet is a world created for gamers to be creative.

User Rating: 8.5 | LittleBigPlanet PS3
Little Big Planet is a world created for gamers to be creative. A world designed with the thought of people who may dream about creating their own gaming experiences but don't have the recourses or time to do so. It is a compact disk full of simplified tools that allow pretty much anyone with the patients to create their own world at least to an extent. It's all this on top of a decently expansive story mode for players to go through single player, with friends, or even strangers online along with a massive collection of user generated contact to keep you busy outside of what comes with the disk.. But of course even with innovation and an obvious great time comes some problems that need to be noted.


Little Big Planet comes with a huge collection of gadgets, gizmos, and knickknacks that give players a pallet to build a world off of. These items are collected throughout the story mode giving every level tons of replay value and offers motivation in even the most difficult situations. These items offer what other games only offer in "special crystals" or "golden trophies". While other games do have replay value in the collectors sense, Little Big Planet offers these things in not only a collectors sense but they build upon the possibilities of your customization making them improvements to your experience rather than just for show. You are rewarded with a sense of accomplishment and new toys to play with. The items range from character customization which allows you to change your characters appearance, a fun addition that can bring many laughs, to straight up level creation that comes with easy to use and very bendable tools that allow many functions and creativity. The level creation is obviously the main focus of the game and it was executed amazingly. You wouldn't think a game would offer such extensive possibilities in customization.

Little Big Planet also offers a wonderful sense of humor and style. The game has great subtle humor ranging from narration and funny faces to random noises and characters. It's humor is unique and it's art style is cheerful and creative with a detailed world pulled together as if it were built in a first grade art class(respectfully). The music brings everything together with the care free and cheerful sound. Little Big Planet simply offers a package of happy, lovable, colorful, greatness. The perfect game for innocent fun that isn't limited to children.

This game could be one of the best things to enjoy with friends and/or family. It's a coop experience that doesn't make the game easier but often harder in a good way. You can work together or leave each other behind. Either way you share lives which doesn't reward working against each other, killing each other can be frustrating but also hilarious. Playing with other players just offers a sense of chaos which can cause some very funny situations. On top of that little additions like the ability to change your facial expression and hit other players across the face flooring them add a lot of random fun to the experience.


While the level creation tools are very well executed, they do sometimes become frustrating. There are times where you just seem to constantly make small mistakes that render something you're trying to create very unpolished. Of course in game design there are always frustrations so I'm only mentioning this as a warning. Level creation won't just be fun and dandy. There is a learning curve and trial and error to deal with if you really want to get into it and let your brain go wild.

Little Big Planet is a very fun game. The levels are well designed and extremely creative. But one thing that many people are in denial of is the fact that the controls are extremely clunky. Yes it's a great game so how could the controls possibly be a bad thing? This game can get difficult… and while other games get harder obstacles or enemies the reason the difficulty in this game can get so high is mostly due to the clunkiness of the controls. Most simply will never master the odd momentum required to pass some of the later levels. You'll often die in situations that would be a cakewalk in any other platformer. Running and jumping would be ideal for getting over high obstacles in most games but in this your shot forward before getting very high making the tiniest ball of fire a pain to overcome while long pits can be easy to fly over. The jumping is just awkward and the game can get very demanding. At times the game can just feel unfair and frustrating over the tiniest things you would assume were easy to do if you hadn't experienced them yourself.


Over all this is a great game to play with friends and family. Even with the little frustrations it would mostly bring laughter and fun to any living room. The customization adds endless hours of creation bringing your imagination to life. PLAY IT