The game of tomorrow, today.

User Rating: 9.5 | LittleBigPlanet PS3
Ever felt you were seeing something ahead of it's time? Something pushing ahead of everything else? This is what playing Little Big Planet feels like, a game pushing the features of the console it's on, and it's all the better for it.

Little big Planet is a platformer that was so fresh and unique when first announced it was inevitably swept up by the hype train to heights that many were worried it wouldn't actually reach. Fast forward several years and Media Molecules hard work is clear for all to see because LBP is one of those games that lived up to the hype it had generated, if you own a PS3 then do yourself a favour and buy it, no matter how old you are this game has something for everyone.

The story to the game seems vague at first as you progress through the world of little big planet however you soon discover that a being called the collector is stealing all the people you meet and it's up to you to travel to his lair and set them free.

LBP's gameplay is very simple and yet if you want everything out of the game, incredibly complex. Your character is sackboy, a cute humanoid doll like character who you control either running, jumping or grabbing though various levels. These levels can be played either on your own or with 4 friends online or offline to solve puzzles and collect points, doesn't sound that special does it? But it is.

Little Big Planet is all about being social, your sack boys arms, hips and facial expressions can all be controlled due to a clever control scheme to show to the other players exactly how you feel including varying amounts of happy, sad, afraid and even angry expressions yet every one is quite frankly adorable.

That is not all though, every sackboy is completely individual as they are all in a way, like Mr potato head and completely customizable with a variety of hairstyles, eyes, clothes, colours and various other designs in which to experiment with including iconic characters on PSN such as Kratos, Old Snake and Nariko. No two sackboys are ever quite the same and the continuous updates each week mean the game is continually changing.

In each of the main story levels there are more costumes to collect in bubbles as well as stickers, materials and objects. These are all usable on the flip side of LBP, the community. Every level that comes with the game is possible to be made by you, the gamer. The tool set is given to you to make whatever you like and put online for other people to play and there are thousands. There are levels on there that have simply blown my mind that people who bought the game have made including musical themes, epic boss fights, tomb raiding levels etc, you name it, it's on there. In many ways Little Big Planet is the game that never stops growing, with more packs being released by media molecule for items / materials and the ability to make your own stickers using the playstation eye the amount you can create is never ending if you think about it.

Visually Little Big Planet may not be straining the PS3 texture wise or anything but the level design is a breath of fresh air as is the whole feel of the game, joints are everywhere, hinges, and clever use of in game materials really give LBP such a unique style it's hard not to love it or sackboy due to his surprising emotional range.

I would like to say just two words regarding sound: Stephen Fry. His voice is amazing, who better to be the narrator to the game? He voices all the tutorial explanations as you go and is just perfect for the feel of the title. Musically the game is also just so out there with some fitting bouncy tracks, and the occasional film like epic piece for boss confrontations, all of which can be included in the levels you build.

The main story levels don't really take all that long though there are a fair few as well as collecting all the items, doing them all without dying as well as collecting the trophies, but as i said the game is never ending with people creating their own levels all the time, never mind media molecule adding their own stuff like the Metal Gear Solid levels, added materials and costumes some of which are free.

In conclusion Little Big Planet is a game for everybody, it sucks you in with it's charm and fresh design and just doesn't let go. There are few games that actually manage to hit the level people build them up to be, when one comes along like LBP, why are you missing it?