lego meets star wars

User Rating: 8.5 | LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga X360
this is a great kids game who ever made the idea of lego and star wars was a great idea. in this lego star wars u can play threw all the movies. u are trying to get little peice of lego called studs and find parts to rebuild collectables in the game u can play can play almost all of the star wars characters there are a total of fiffty characters to play as endless rounds of playing dieing and getting mad cuz your lego cant stay together at some points it so easy to play its almost hard there isent alot to say about the game other then its a great game to play when u have nothing better to do in your life but play with lego (age 6 - 10 ) the problems i had with it at some points some fo the lego is really hard to get to to rebuild the collectables. this is a twenty dollar bin game but for a young kid it is a must buy game for the hole family but if its over twenty bucks not worth the buy