Lego Star Wars is one enjoyable package which both adults and children can play.

User Rating: 8 | LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga X360
Lego Star Wars is brought to us by TT Games and Lucasarts. It has combined the previous Lego Star Wars games into one enjoyable package which offers plenty of gameplay for both adults and children.

The Complete Saga fuses the whole Star Wars story together from the discovery of Anakin, through to the epic fight with the fallen Emperor. The game doesn't have any of the original character's voices, therefore characters and cutscenes are played out much like a silent movie where character's emotions are expressed through body language and grunts. While it is not ideal, it does still allow you to follow the story well and it is still understandable.

The game does still retain its recognisable soundtrack from the movies along with excellent sound effects from blasters and lightsaber clashes which sound just like they do in the movies. The graphics in the game is also excellent, but while not technically outstanding, they compliment the Lego theme very well with clean, colourful animations.

The gameplay element of the game is also great. The game has adopted the standard platformer with added elements to it. Throughout the game you collect coins which give various amounts of credits. These credits can be used to purchase new characters, extras such as invincibility and hints. You can also collect other various objects that further add to the replayability of the game. The fact you can play though the whole Saga means that there are 36 story levels, 20 bounty hunter missions, and six bonus levels which adds to the amount you can get out the game.

The game's story mode is the mode which you will most likely play through first but there is also a free play mode where you can choose to replay any level with any unlocked character. In free play mode you can also switch between a set amount of AI generated characters along with the one you chose so you can use each character's abilities to reach collectables which you could not in story mode.

The number of characters in the game is quite unbelievable. The game includes 162 playable characters ranging from Yoda, Darth Vader and Indiana Jones which are all fully playable in the game along with various other characters from all episodes. You can also fully customise two characters from scratch. While there are few opportunities to great something completely different, as most options are just taken from original characters, it's still a great feature to have.

Another great feature is the newly introduced online co-op which can be used through Xbox Live. It has been integrated well into the game and it's easy just to jump into a game at any point.Despite all these new features and improved visuals, the game has not changed very much from previous games giving people who have played Lego Star Wars I or II and odd sense of deja vu meaning people who have will be running through familiar territory.

While The Complete Saga is very much a more polished version of the previous Lego Star Wars games, it is still a great buy for any newcomers to the Lego Star Wars franchise and a truly enjoyable package.