Lego Star Wars Wii

User Rating: 7 | LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga WII

Pretty fun game, like most Lego releases. Not a big Star Wars fan so not too fussed with it. Fun playing as all the characters, particularly C-3PO, and playing through locations from the movies.

Story - 6, not a big Star Wars fan, so not a big fan of the plot.

Gameplay - 7, standard Lego.

Visuals - 8, good for back then.

Music - 9, Star Wars music is awesome too.

Controls - 7, standard Lego.

Multiplayer - 8, fun as always.

Originality - 6, a movie tie-in/Lego game

Characters - 7, classic Star Wars characters.

Fun - 6, I simply don't enjoy Star Wars as much as the other franchises they've done.