Another Awesome Star wars game!!!!

User Rating: 9.3 | LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy XBOX
To see Gamespots 7.7 rating for this game is a disgrace. I really dont think they played this game at all.

First Impression: First i have been geared up to play this game for a while. I Downloaded the Demo for the computer and didnt like the controlls so i really didnt play it. So when i got this game for the Xbox and played it, I was excited at everything that i saw.

Graphics: Graphics are awesome. You really can go wrong creating lego characters, Needless to say the Graphics arent intense. They do a great job Capturing the star wars Universe. The Camera can be a bit buggy and not in the place that you want it but easily able to get past that fact. Gameplay: The gameplay is the exact same as the first one. If you havent played the first one, Than the Gameplay is fun, Really fun. To the running around to the fun cinematic scenes. Just plain fun. If your looking for a great RPG or a sim, this game isnt it. Its Fun. There are puzzles to figure out. There are moments in the game when your like. .... What am i suppose to do, and you try something and BAM it works, so much fun. The Drop in and Drop out function is great. You dont have to play co-op if you dont want to and the other player can hop in and hop out at any time.

Sound: The sound isnt anything to brag about but it captures the star wars Music perfectly. The Lightsaber sounds and the vehicle sounds are all great. There are no voice overs or any close caption but you know whats going on. No problem here at all.

NOT SO GOOD: There are only a couple not so good stuff so far. 1 would be the camera angles. Its not often but there are times it would be nice to see the camera to pan around to show you a part of the board. 2 would be the fact that when you get close to a Team mate or anyone like that you press your button and you start slapping them down. It can get annoying and there should be an option there not to hurt your teammates.

Over All: The game is fantastic and fun. I am so glad this is out and that they have put lots of time in it. I am 30 years old and i love it, My son is 5 and he loves it, Just great family game. This is a must buy, If you like star wars or even like gaming at all this is a blast.