Not nearly as fun as it was back in the day.

User Rating: 5.5 | Soccer Mania PC
I used to play this a bit at my friends' house, mostly multiplayer. I was young enough to really like it, and my little brothers and sisters seem to enjoy it, so it's probably a pretty good kid's game.

However, my youngest brother also cleans up at NHL 06 (which he likes much better), so there's not much point in buying this unless you've already got every single other soccer (and to a lesser extent, hockey) game made (and I would have to question why you did).
This game would be much better if:

The "end" camera worked better
Sprinting didn't turn you in increments (makes it feel very broken)
There was a competent Hard mode
The load times were shorter (seriously, what is it loading?)
The teams were more balanced (even though they let you, you can't mix and match players and have a good game because each team is a good bit better than the last. So no mostly normal soccer teams where the goalie is a skeleton.)
The penalty kick goalie control worked better
The music was less annoying.

Gameplay: 6. Basically normal soccer, but with crazy powerups and zany moves. On anything but hard it's no competition at all. On hard it's still not much, but if you're using a poor team and they've got a much better one they can beat you sometimes. The goalies seem mostly the same on the better teams or the medium teams, but the speed of the players is very different (and pretty important.)

Graphics: 7.
Actually decent. You won't notice too many problems with them.

Sound: 5.
Music is annoying. Sound effects are basic. Commentary will drive you crazy. Little kids'll love it.

Value: 4. Not really worth it unless you can find it for free.

Tilt: 5.
I used to enjoy this game, but I can't really anymore. The only "fun" is in multiplayer, which is better but not really that great (and you'll always try to tie the score in the last few minutes and not score during sudden death so you can play the fun penalty mode, slightly broken as it is.)

One last note: Own goals will almost always go in. Little kids will get thrown off by the halftime side swap and will score an own goal at the beginning of the second half quite often. It can be pretty funny when they start celebrating and then see their players arguing in the cutscene and slowly figure it out.