Typical Lego game..........................for good and bad

User Rating: 6 | LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes X360
Lego Batman 2 at its core is typical for a Lego game. The jokes are silly, the action doesn't require much more than a button press or two, and the puzzles are mostly easy. Perfect for a younger audience. And then there's collect 'em all bit for the older ones who just want to collect everything for the sake of saying they got everything in the game. I'm not sure if more depth is warranted or wanted so I'm fine with these aspects.

But there are things that stop this from getting a 7.5 or higher from me, detracting from the experience.

Most of it has to do with the open world concept that exists beyond the levels. Conceptually it is a good idea, the execution leaves something to be desired. Vehicle controls and those concerning characters who can fly are at best clunky. I find flying an exercisee in frustration because it isn't fluid like in the levels. It's jerky and often you either overshoot or come up short on your target. It's a great effect if you want the feeling that you're actually flying; not so much if you're just trying to explore and trying not to miss something you might actually want.

The map, a lack of mini-map, a compass that is pretty much useless, make trying to explore a chore. You get a chance to "scan" the map and that will, for a few seconds, show you what points of interest are in the area you scan but a lack of a legend (either in game or in the manual) means you have no idea what those things are until you actually run into them. Combining this with a lack of a minimap, you pretty much don't have a clue as to where you are in relation to everything else; well maybe half a clue but nowhere near as much as if this part was actually done correctly.

As for the secondary bosses, those they put in for you to collect by going through the open world, they're too easy. There's no challenge and really you don't get a sense of why you should beat them, aside from just doing it to collect them and thier abilities. Only Killer Moth so far has required slightly more thought than simple button mashing to beat.

In essence this is a typical Lego game that would be really good had the open world part been done a bit better.