Lego Batman 2 X360

User Rating: 8 | LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes X360

Vast improvement over the first Lego Batman. The addition of a full story, voiced characters and more open levels makes this one of the better Lego games. The central hub of Gotham and the sheer amount of characters is fantastic.

Story - 7, an original story, but pretty straightforward.

Gameplay - 9, the most varied gameplay in the Lego series.

Visuals - 7, pretty good.

Music - 8, old Batman and Superman themes are awesome to fly around to.

Controls - 8, suits the game well. Some parts unresponsive.

Multiplayer - 8, as always with Lego games.

Originality - 6, not too varied from previous Lego games.

Characters - 8, many, many classic DC characters.

Fun - 9, probably the most fun Lego game.

Overall - 7.8