i find my self torn between saying that its bad and good,as its both difficult and a new twist on an old legond. medium.

User Rating: 8 | Legion: The Legend of Excalibur PS2
the old legond comes to a hole new level but it is not good but not bad. i only gave it a high rating as it is very difficult and that you could see how people could be drawn to it as it is the legond of king aurther, the king every leader wishes to be like or to just be. he saved briton with excalibure and that is why the creators made this. they did a poor job but it dose show one of the many possiblities of what brought auther into power. i would not, however, recommend this game to others younger than 13 because of the cursing and the impressionablity of players younger than that but even 13 is pushing it because of the difficulty.