Oh My GOD, stay away!!! Don't event rent, not worth it! Only first time players would find ANY worth!!

User Rating: 1 | Legion: The Legend of Excalibur PS2
This game is not fun, unless your a Masochist. The game has the following:
• sub par graphics (Yes, even for 2002)...looks muddy.
• DIFFICULTLY (used cheat codes to win)
• NO replay value
• 2nd rate special effects, cheesy dialogue
• Strays from the source material too much for my taste
• path finding was bad, your own allies would impede your path
• collision detection was awful, they kept getting stuck, even if you were in control. • game bugs, in later levers i.e. Galahad 2nd trial & final fight
• VERY hard to get health or heal yourself in first levels
• sluggish framerate
• NO in game or mid level save mission!!!!!!!
• Merlin limited to only 4 spells like the other 3 spell users!!
• You can't buy any of the items from the "store" unless you make
progress in the levels, seems very convuleted to manage the
items like this

• the only good thing it had going was the mini map!!