The perfect reunion of Dungeon Crawler, real-time controls and innovative character usage.

User Rating: 10 | Legend of Grimrock PC
Legend of Grimmrock mixes the fun of the good old time dungeon crawlers with the excitement of real-time controls, the good feel of rune-magic, a new way of using a team and a evolving environment that reminds you of Diablo and Dungeon keeper.
In this game, your four characters move as a block through multiple levels of dungeons in the grimmrock mountain, fighting hordes of monsters along the way.
You can either use the auto-mapping utility the game provides, or you can go "old-school" and draw your own maps, in the grip paper included in the game.
Either use the standard party or create your own, with four races (human, minotaur, lizard-man and insectoid) and 3 classes (warrior, rogue and wizzard) each with it's own traits and skills, the combinations are almost limitless.
Last, but not least, the graphics are real enough to immerse you in the adventure of your lifetime.