a good game, just not much of it.

User Rating: 7 | Left 4 Dead X360
four survivors, lots of guns and a shed-load of zombies. you get the picture.

the objective of all the stages is to get to the other end without being raped up the jacksie by lots of zombies. basic but hilariously good fun. there are also special infected like the boomer and smoker which balence out the zombies nicely.
the survivors have limited types of weapons but it seems like theres enough variation without making over-powerful weapons (like rocket launchers or flamethrowers) but to be honest, the auto-shotgun and dual pistols seem to be the only thing used now these days.

very good but what isnt now these days. and its based off of the half-life 2 source engine so cant say nothing to the physics.

seriously rubbish. the gameplay online is alot of fun. in theory.
the problem is the players and the laughable amount of bugs.
super-melee, indestructable infected, infected ability to block exits with moveable objects.... the list could go on for a while.
this will be fixed in time but this brings me onto the next negative point. there is no support from the developers on the 360 version.
i have both the PC and 360 version and the amount of patches for the PC that are PC only is incredible. they've already got fixes for most glitches and also have some gameplay balences as well (like the tank now takes damage from fire over time and not just given a timer before it collapses) but the 360 has got none of these. there is another thing related to dev support but it needs explaining in the summary

that thing i was talking about is the fact that even though the game is enjoyable, there isnt enough content to call it a 'full' game.
there are four campaigns, two of which are used in multiplayer and thats it. it can be enjoyable for about a week but after that you want to play something else. the dev support problem to go with this is that although they have promised DLC content, it wont be out until august/september (from what ive heard so dont take that as definite) which is unacceptable considering i have already paid £40 for a clearly unfinished game.
my advice, dont buy it until closer to the DLC release date. and buy the PC version if you want to have dev support that isnt laughable.