It's like Dawn of the Dead only better, if that's possible.

User Rating: 9 | Left 4 Dead X360
Frankly I have to admit I was a little reluctant to attempt another "zombie" like game after I felt that I had been led astray with Dead Raising. But Left 4 Dead is a very cool and intense game.

You are one of four characters that are "left 4 dead" in a town that has been complete changed over to zombie-vampire like things. All of these characters are the steriotypical people found left 4 dead in every other zombie movie. You can play online with 3 other friends or by yourself in the single player mode. Playing online is much more fun though. Especially since you have to rely on one and other to survive.

Game play is quick paced and aggressive. The zombies are fast, furious, and unrelenting. These aren't even close to your Resident Evil like Zombies that suffle about. They are smart, quick and very hungry. The AI is quite advanced for this game. I applaude it's level of difficulty that is put up just by the shear number of enemies that the game can put forth. Speaking again of the multiplayer, people can sign on to play as one of the undead to munch on the 4 survivors fighting for their virtual live. It's a pretty cool concept. Particularly for people that aren't as adapt to going on line with their games.

The story is pretty simple, get out of town alive. So naturally the play control is easy to pick up and play, but can be brutal in the hands of a master or anyone that has prior expierence with FPS.

The graphics probably won't break any records as the flashiest on the 360, especially compared to GOW2 or COD:WAW. But they get the job done. I recommend to play this game in a dark room. It's can be pretty freaky.

The sounds and music attack your senses in this game. Plenty of screaming, snarling, and mood setting music/ sounds of terror. The speaking that goes on between your party in the single player mode is pretty cool. There is a lot of banter, as well as tactics and status that is passed back and forth. Which helps to give that element of urgancy to the game.

The movie in the begining of the game really sets the mood and the pace.

All in all Left 4 Dead is a very intense game. It wreaks havic on your nerves, makes you jump in some places, and is a very cool all around game. It isn't for eveyone though, so casual gamers beware. While I appreciate the multiplayer mode more at this point, the single player is still pretty deep and will totally get you ready for the multiplayer environment. I am a bit pick about graphics and these aren't the best you will find but they get the job done. This game is great for any FPS fans, or survival horror fans. Thanks for reading.