One of the best shooters of the year.

User Rating: 9.5 | Left 4 Dead X360
Extremely simple game play- survive.
It has no plot, which some may find disappointed or some may take advantage of it and let their imagination go wild.
The messages left in the safe houses are extremely hilarious. Although a few are quiet dramatic, for example one stating a man killed his children.
The messages may give you flashbacks to Portal. But... there's no cake =/.
The graphics are awesome.
Unfortunately there's not too many levels but the ones that are there are sweet.
The levels are fairly linear other then a few paths that wind up leading to the same place as the others.
The zombies are very freaky.
The "director" makes things intense insuring that each time you play will never be like the previous one.
Being the zombies is extremely fun.
Unfortunately Versus is only available in only two out of the four campaigns.
A game with split screen!!! *Angels Singing*
The simplicity of this game may attract some and send others away.
With not a terribly huge amount of content you might get bored with this game a little too soon.