when i get on left 4 dead 2 on Xbox or PC i always go to the multiplayer beause when they see me on there no one dies..

User Rating: 10 | Left 4 Dead 2 PC
i would go on normal easy hard and very hard it is up to you if your the party leader we have to do what you say and if they don't you can boot them or leave them for dead the choice is yours you can stick together or all on your own i would stick together if you ask me you'll stay alive longer if in survival then comes campaign if your hardcore you would probably be on your own killing zombies but if you are hardcore and you want to help out i would stay with the team. now last but not lest scavenger. scavenger is when you have to find 15 gas tanks and fill up the it up (its like a big radio i don't really know) with hordes of zombies coming at you. tanks hunters smokers (no witch and mudder tho) jockeys boomers every thing. well that raps it up so maybe i will see you guys on Xbox 360 or on PC name on PC is prawnes and on Xbox is Slayer Ontas so maybe i will se you sometime .