I really wanted to enjoy this game more... Alas, not possible.

User Rating: 6.5 | Krater PC
I really wanted to enjoy this game. I found its name amusing, I found the previews enticing, everything about it shouted "this is a game you will enjoy, dear boy!" (some games shout that at me, shut up).

So I decided to check it out - and on my first hands-on preview I loved it, I really did. It felt fresh, new, something else... The story and setting seemed like something I could really get into over a longer period of time, the style was pleasant, and I believe that people at had fun Fatshark AB making it. It just comes off that way.

But over time - and I'm not saying over LONG time, it was just the usual time I actually need to get into a game's world - it just became repetitive, boring, stale... I have not finished it, I will not lie. Hoping that Krater 2 will be a reality and that it will be worked on a bit more, not just the fine initial concept. As for this game - try it out, check it out if you can, but don't tell yourself that this is the game to spend time with over the next month... Or you will be dissapointed.