It is fun but the fun doesn't last long

User Rating: 6 | Krater PC
In a few beginning hours like 3-4, this game really nice. Its kinda Diablo, hack-and-slash style, action RPG with group controlling like Dragon Age. But after that, you realize that the game start boring. Level up too fast. You even don't realize that you leveled up, just keep hack-and-slash-ing. It makes you feel leveling up is not an achievement anymore.
The skill tree is poor. There are 4 classes. Each classes has 2 skills. Sometimes you can recruit unique characters with special skills but they're very rare. You can equip runes to your skills like Diablo 3. You also can equip runes on your body. They are same.
The game is pretty easy. A few times in the whole game you feel challenged. Most of times, you just keep walking and don't need to hesitate to kill all the mobs you see.
Game playing is boring too. You only have to spam all skills because its cool-down nearly none. There's no tactic.
Anyway, if you're fan of action RPG like Torchlight, Diablo 3, it still worth to try.