User Rating: 4.8 | Knockout Kings 2002 PS2
EA sports has some great sport games, This is not one of them. I don't see how Gamespot and others felt this game was an improvement over 2001. If you ask me 2001 was more of a simulated boxing game than this throw a million punches a round 2002 version. I was able to win the belt by throwing jabs over and over again at "faster than the eye can see" pace for hours upon hours. I would throw some hooks or whatever just to kill the boredom. Their is no pace to the fight at all. Its an all out press as many buttons as you can in a minute arcade outlandish fight game. Their is vary little strategy. And the pace is so unlike real boxing its pitiful. The Blocking button is now a nuisance. And with 700 punches coming at you in a 2 round period. It vary useless. Forget about defense in this game. Or any strategy. Just swing, swing and swing. You don't even have to change punched just hit the jab button at blistering pace. And you challenger cant do anything. A vary vary bad game. Its a shame to with all the great boxers they had. Mike Tyson's Punch Out was more of a sim than this game, and that's no stretch.