Klonoa fans will love Empire of Dreams, it's a shame that not many people have heard of the series what so ever.

User Rating: 8.5 | Kaze no Klonoa: Yumemiru Teikoku GBA
With popluar games like Mario, Sonic and Crash. Not many people have never heard or played the Klonoa series either on the Playstation or GBA.

Fans of the series should know alot about the Klonoa series. Story Empire of Dreams is where Klonoa and his friend Huepow have been arrested for the crime of dreaming. It turns out that emperor Jillius was afflicted with a curse that prevents him from sleeping, has jealously forbidden his own people to dream. So it's up to Klonoa to rid the land of five monsters that are ravaging the empire. Only then will Jillius be able to sleep and find out what's really going on with peoples dreams.

Gameplay: For those who have played through the series, you should no problem playing the game. But if you havn't played through the series Klonoa is a 2D-3D based platformer where you'll be collecting 3 Moon stones in order to get pass a level. Some levels will have doors where you'll be needing a key in order to open. You can grab enemies to throw at other enemies and bosses or use them to double jump to get to a higher place.

There are 40 levels which should keep you busy at the end of each world there will be a boss which you'll have to defeat but they can be easy to beat which shouldn't be a problem to you. Some levels you'll be riding a surf board on a few levels or trying to get to the end of a level really quick with dying which can only happen on some levels.

Graphics and Sound: If you've played through Klonoa on PS1 or PS2, it's the same thing. The graphics look good for a GBA game close to other good GBA games which have been released over the years.
Most of the background levels convey the vision of the nightmare kingdom, complete with scaling foreground character sprites and loads of rotation effects which still looks good for a GBA game.

Music and Sounding is pretty much the same as you've would have heard on the Playstation version where you've got the Theme Music at the title screen or Klonoa's "Whahoo" reference.

Overall: For a price around $4 it was a good bargin for me, but for those who havn't played through the Klonoa series yes you'll love Klonoa more then any other platformer charcters like I said before writing this review. Empire of Dreams can take you few hours to beat but there are a few surprises in Klonoa so keep your eyes open.