A game not worth even mentioning

User Rating: 2.5 | King's Knight NES
The year: 1986. The Famicom (NES) was one of the best consoles in the market. It was successful in its native land, Japan, while on the US its success was growing constantly, thanks to Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda and Metroid. But, in that same year, a company called SquareSoft released a game, a game which was disastrous: King's Knight. Unlike what other people think, this game wasn't developed by them, it was developed by a company called "Workss", which, in that year, developed the awful NES version of Ghostbusters for Tokuma Shoten (released by Activision on the US in 1988). Three years later, Square released it on the US, giving it a new logo and removing the message on the title screen that said "DEVELOPED BY WORKSS". This game isn't an RPG, even that because of the title and the box art it will look like an RPG, it's a top-down shoot-'em-up. Yes, that's right, a shmup. Each one of the lives is a character. First you use the knight, who is called "Rayjack" (?); then you use a wizard called "Kaliva" (??); a monster (which looks suspiciously like Bub from Taito's Bubble Bobble) called "Barusa" (???); and a thief (or "kid thief" according to the game) called "Toby". Something wierd about this game is that when a character dies, instead of saying that he was "defeated", it says that he dies. That's wierd, because, as the AVGN said on his review of Friday the 13th on the NES, regarding the game over screen that said "YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS ARE DEAD. GAME OVER", he said that "nobody ever DIES on NES games: they are either defeated or turned into an item and flown away". Ok, the graphics aren't very good, it does look like a game fro 1986. With the sound it happens the same. Now, we're going to the most hated thing about this game: gameplay and difficulty. The gameplay is just awful. You can get up cliffs, houses and even the palms (?). It would make sense if it was a monster, which there is in the game, but i just simply can't understand that an old man can give a jump and go up the house, very much like in the unlicensed game Bible Adventures for both the NES and the Genesis, in which in the game "Noah's Ark" (not Konami's "Noah's Ark", which was released on the NES in 1988) Noah can pick up lots of animals and even outrun the screen, and he can even jump and climb trees with the animals! The difficulty is just hard. When you destroy stuff sometimes items appear, and what makes this game hard is this: the down arrow item, which decreases some of your health. In this game it can happen something like this: you accidentally picked up a down-arrow item, and then an up-arrow item appears, and when you are about to grab it, an enemy appears and kills you. In conclusion, don't ever think to play this. It's just the disastrous side of a successful company.