This game Sucks. Seriously.

User Rating: 1.5 | King's Knight NES
This is a horrible game. Do not buy it. Knights and shooting don't mix well. Trust me. Its a shame how it was made by Square Enix.

STORY: To my knowledge, there is no story. Even if there was, I wouldn't have given it a better score. 2/10

GAMEPLAY: You control a guy (Either a knight, wizard, dragon, or kid thief.) and shoot with the B button. Don't ask me why you shoot. You just do. The gameplay is horrible because you easily get killed, no matter how hard you try or how skilled you are. 1/10

GRAPHICS: Horrible. Worst I've seen on NES. Sprites are lame, and graphics are crumby. I haven't seen game with worse graphics AND gameplay. 1/10

MUSIC: Also Horrible. You will cry at how bad it is. 2/10

Don't buy this game. You will fully regret it. You'll be angry at how you could have bought SMB3 or Mega Man 2 with the same money.