I regret nothing.

User Rating: 8 | Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - Teeth of Naros PC

I have played many DLCs in the past and sadly the majority of them felt like left over scraps – stuff where the vermin are the only ones who would enjoy them. Void of any real storyline or simply additions to the main storyline / gameplay I was a bit skeptical about this DLC, the Teeth of Naros. However when completing this DLC, I felt the term ‘DLC’ is a bit insulting to say the least as it adds plenty of great content and I have to say, the debate with the Kollossae was one of the best quests available. And who would have thought traveling through the sewers can also be fun.

So...do you like stuff? (got her thinking...that's a good start)
So...do you like stuff? (got her thinking...that's a good start)

The Teeth of Naros is a land south of Dalentarth and can be obtained at any level. Yet I feel it's good to start this when you are pretty high level (30 onwards) as the rewards are decent and besides, all the foes are at equal or higher level as it locks in the ‘area level cap’ (meaning the level you enter is the approx. starting level of all the monsters). Starts of as an expedition, you travel with three chumps in search of fame and riches. And like all good adventures, things don't turn out the way they supposed to be therefore thrusts you into the land of the Teeth of Naros (funny that) – the land filled with really big things…literally.

As far as gameplay is concerned, there's nothing more added in terms of skills / abilities however being the ‘fateless’ one, there are three additional ‘twist of fate cards’ to earn, an additional backpack slot (and it's free if you locate the right person), new monsters / items and six more achievements (and one of them is quite literally you'll die trying it – I think it was more of a joke than serious however I loved it). Of course there are also more lore stones to discover and a whole new plot for which is quite entertaining to complete. And did I mentioned that this DLC can take around 10 plus hours to complete? For me, being a perfectionist, I took around 15hrs so it's great value for your dollar.

Whilst it's regarded as a DLC, I think it's more of an expansion pack than a DLC as most DLCs leaves you feeling empty or just adds more equipment skins for example. The Teeth of Naros is a pretty decent size land filled with plenty of quests and side quests to complete and it’s definitely a great addition to the Kingdoms of Amalur compendium. And to add, it has one of the best side quest I have encountered for a long time (the debate with the Kollossae), one of the best sewer romp and an amusing achievement to earn, you'll be crazy not to give this a go.

And I leave you with just one note – I regret nothing.