User Rating: 9.4 | Kingdom Hearts PS2
Kingdom Hearts is one of the most beautiful, action-packed, heart-warming, and creative games i've played. No other game has combined RPG and action (not to mention such a unique alliance between two huge companies) so well. But what makes Kingdom hearts even more unbelievably good is the wonderful amount of great actors that play the roles of the characters. If the characters weren't likable enough, you get to hear them through the talent of some famous actors, such as Billy Zane and Haley Joel Osment. The other shocking feature is how wel the graphics are done. The games over a year old, and it still looks fabulous. The special effects are shocking, and the characters are extremely well animated. The score is, without a doubt, one of the most beautifully crafted in any video game, ever. The sound effects are great, by all means, and the actors deliver a convincing performance, but the music is simply mind-blowing. Whether being soothing or intense, tear-jerking or warming, it will always amaze; you cant help but smile when you beat the game, and a little theme rises up after the credits end. However, those who are fans of Square shouldn't be all too suprised; They've always delivered top-notch in this category. The gameplay is somewhat of a more childish form of Devil May Cry, in my opinion. The action is fast-paced and addictive, especially when your fighting some of the more challenging bosses. Also, for those who have been looking for a ridiculous challenge, look no further; Sephiroth will make you bash your head into your wall and doubt your skills as a gamer. Disgustingly, yet entertainingly difficult. The replay value is that of your average RPG, meaning that it will take you over 50 hours to finish the whole thing. After that, you've got tons and tons of extra quests to accomplish before you get 100% done. Kingdom Hearts is simply one of the best Action/Adventure/RPG's ever made. However, since this combination hasen't been done very often, let's just say its one of the best games in history. Period. God, Im dying for the sequel.