User Rating: 7 | Kingdom Hearts II PS2
The best part about this entire game... the end... I mean it. That final FMV is so amazing that you can put up with the bs of playing the entire game. It's nowhere in the same league as KH1 and to be honest it left me completely unsatisfied.

First off, graphics. Decent but not great.

Actually my main beef with this game is the plot, and then execution. Now some of you may agree and go 'what plot?' (and really I can't blame you) whilst others will think it's the next best written thing to the bible. Okay, Sora lost Kairi and Mickey...and Riku. Again. The entire world has forgotten about him and instead we're greeted with Roxas. Who's quite lovable, but then he disappears. Enter Sora. Now proceed with the entire game looking for Riku, Mickey and Kairi, throw in a few rescues of the people you saved first time round and a few new worlds, and that's the entire thing. The worlds focus on the relationships between their main characters, which I thought might have had somethin to do with Sora and Kairi. No such luck. I finished this game within 40 hours, there were some tricky mini-games (i'll readily admit that) but overall, once you got the battles down pat they were cinch. The story seemed a bit jerky to me. I know there were complaints about Sora's voice, but I had a problem with Leon's . Not the same. Not the same. Now KH2 does have some redeeming qualities... it didn't take up much of my time (just jokin!) builds on the first one, get rid of ridiculous summoning (which is okay in FF games but really....) and there seemed to be a slight improvement with the camera angles. In game graphics were decent, and those FMV's (whilst there wasn't many) were amazing. I dunno, but I was disappointed, something I shouldn't of been because Disney sequels have a really bad success rate (no offence Disney).