Despite the promises, we do not see the game play improve at all from the last broken game.

User Rating: 5 | King Arthur II: The Role-Playing Wargame PC
KA2 is mediocre at best. On the bright side, it had an amazing story and wonderful graphics. The first looks makes you think this is a well made and worth playing game. It almost makes you think you are in mythological Britannia and making choices like the scholars did in writing the legendary story of Arthur and his knights.

This game looks fairly playable at first, until you get to the battle aspects. I dread the times when I must battle, as the whole system is broken. These guys need to talk to game designers from the Total War series, as they need serious help when it comes to making a playable battle game. This would not be as bad if it were not for the fact waging war is a huge part of the game It seriously can ruin the game, despite the wonderful story telling and appealing graphics.

I could really only play a bit of the game before giving up because the broken game play. If this game had a decent battle system it could have easily become a Strategy gaming legend, on par with Civilization, Total War, or Age of Empires. But sadly the terrible and shoddy game play destroys this game's chance at making gaming history, and probably a sequel.