Kane and lynch dog days: HARDER THEN THE FIRST! *SPOILERS*

User Rating: 5.5 | Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days PS3
ok so i bought this one right around the time i bought the first..i thought since this game was a sequel that it'd be slightly better..boy was i wrong.

the sequel to the first game with a whole new plot and cast, and this time the story focuses on lynch rather then Kane. but the gameplay and ideas are pretty much the same.

Gameplay: if you played the first it's really the same. you "die" somebody has to revive you, and if not you are dead, it's a third person shooter, not much else i can say. if toy are playing single player, you play as lynch,
in co-op,partner plays as Kane. THIS GAME IS REALLY HARD. and that's on "easy" and i didn't try multiplayer so im not gonna comment on that.

Story: it takes place after the first game, you arrive in shanghai and work for some guy named british guy named glazer (as per kane and lynch fashion NO BACKSTORY IS GIVEN) let me say glazer is a wuss and is VERY unlikable, lynch is has a girlfriend named xiu and is willing to give everything for her, the game starts you off in a chinese apartment chase scene, giving chase to some guy. then after you kill the guy, you talk to glazer but are AMBUSHED by chinese gangs, and are in the middle of a gang war. you have to find out why.and to avoid spoliers that's as far as im going to go. the story like the first is bland and dull.

Graphics: a popular saying on youtube is "this looks like it was filmed with a potato" WELL IN THIS GAME THAT'S TRUE! the graphics are better then the first and look great for the most part!
but it's got static on some parts and it looks like it was filmed using a camera on a phone (look up gameplay and tell me that it isn't true) the screen wobbles when you run and i think the reason why is to make it look like it was filmed and this is a movie (horrible idea btw)

because when you make a headshot the head is blurred out. or when nudity appears in the game it's blurred out. (and i've tried to turn it off you can't.)
the cutscene graphics are amazing and better then the actual gameplay graphics.in my opinion. and make no mistake..

+ some blood
+ graphics aren't too bad.

- poor story
- blurred out violence/nudity

so that's my review. don't hesitate to try it out for yourself just because i didn't like it. and if you feel i need to work on something then please leave me some feedback. :) and please don't just go by my review. READ OTHERS ASWELL! im sure some will agree with me on some points.