An interesting shooter that almost hits the right spot...almost.

User Rating: 7 | Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days PC
I have to say, after playing the entire single player content of this game in less than 8 hours, and discovering the multiplayer can be awfully repetitive, I was both thrilled and sad.
The plot is awfully weak and exaggerated, but the characters are very human (even a bit too much), and ideal for making this ''bloody mess'' real and funny
There's nothing new, original or creative in the commands, but they've used these mechanics well, good enough for a good thrill during the heavier firefights.
The real attraction of this unfinished piece of entertainment are the graphics, which may not be good enough on their own, but with the final treatment given to them, simulate quite well a handcam recording, making the whole ''crouch, shoot, crouch...'' experience new and interesting.
And even though the multi-player is competitive and exciting, it doesn't last long, and is practically a copy of the real work of art: the single-player experience.
So, for all those who hasn't tried this one out yet, don't expect a masterpiece, but it's some gory load of fun to unload daily stress