The story is awesome but I wanted it to be a bit more longer. Overall good story, good graphics.

User Rating: 7.5 | Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days PC
I'd recommend this game to people. It is worth a try :)

The short story kinda disappointed me. Otherwise its a good fully action-packed game. Gets repetitive at times but its alright.

Kane & Lynch had cuts on their body, and they were running across the street combating the cops, there was blood all over their bodies and they were still alive. I know its a game but it seemed really unrealistic.

The fact that both of got captured twice was funny and lame. I was like WTF again, but its all part of the story it was cool with me.

The game featured Lynch more than Kane. We played Kane only for the last few missions.Who gives a **** about Kane lol, I like Lynch more.

Graphics = 7/10
Game play = 8/10
Story = 7/10
Weapons = 9/10

So, try this game. Its a good game which i had a lot of fun playing.