While decent, it's like a tropical Mercenaries clone...but not as good.

User Rating: 7 | Just Cause XBOX
Alright, well I just held on to this game for about a week and a half and finally completed it. Took a while.. It was okay, but just needed a couple tweaks here and there. To start, the Just Cause is just like a Mercenaries game but not as good, yeah that explains it nearly perfectly. Side missions only have you either kill a guy, get a package, or kill a bunch of guys to get a package. You'll be occupied having fun flying around the island picking up secret crap to find, in a stolen helicopter rather than doing what you need to do...that's like the funnest thing. The sound is really poo-ey and dull, not much detail. Another annoying little crap I always came across was having no save point unless you fly to a base you unlock, so if you do a bunch of side missions and suddenly die, you just wasted your time! Congratulations you're pissed off! You have to drive to your little base whenever you want to save instead of just autosaving after doing anything. Just cause is alright, but trys too hard, just too much but not too less. You'll be bored after the first few hours but I had nothing to play with my gamefly account. Hidios dawgs, just rent it if you're interested.