An excellent experience

User Rating: 9 | Journey PS4

This game is short, artsy, you don't blow stuff up, and there's no crafting system.

But I think that should be clear to anyone who buys this. This game is a superb example of how a game can provide a tight experience in which the visuals, mechanics, sound, and lack of sound (no talking, no bs) can tell a story, pull at your emotions, and urge you to keep moving forward and see what the world will reveal next.

I don't think I can give the game a "10" - for what it is, it is nearly perfect, and yet I do think it could have been slightly longer and slightly more challenging. I say "slightly" for both because the experience is so tight that extending its duration too long would endanger the pure and almost flawless nature of the experience. It's hard to explain, but too much more of the same would risk repetition with the mechanics giving a sense of deja vu or filler. Yet, I think one more "region", with another diverse set of visuals and life forms to encounter, could have made the experience even stronger. For the difficulty point - well, the game isn't supposed to be a grueling platformer or challenging puzzler. But for all that Journey does what it does so well, it struck a similar chord with me that Ico did back when I first got my PS2, and because of this I found myself looking for light environmental puzzles that were not there. Including such a thing wouldn't disrupt the pace of the game or the narrative, while adding to the sense of agency... that what you choose to do with the controller is important to making the outcome happen.

Both of the above I put forth because the game is so brilliant that it is hard to have it end so soon, and it is so rewarding to explore and interact with the world that it was hard not to have more branches to wander down or barriers to find your way past.

A superb game