Unique and worthwhile if on sale

User Rating: 8 | Journey PS4
As a ps owner for the first time I have come to enjoy many games I never had a chance to play. Journey was one I had heard and read a lot about, but never tried. I preordered this game on release for the ps4 for around $11. I didn't really have any expectations and could tell after about ten minutes what all the hype was about. This game really does spark a sense of curiosity and emotion simply and eloquently. I really felt like I was trudging through sands towards my destination and felt the simple pleasures of reward for various puzzles along the way. I should necessarily say puzzles, but a few spots required a little figuring out, but overall this was a very short and simple game. Your goal is essentially to make this journey across the land. Mp works in that a random player can meet up with you along the way on a particular level. Since there is no communication you have to use your intuition in what to accomplish together. You can do this little pulse light thing that charges up various fabrics in the game. You gain the ability to float for long periods of time the more fabric you add to your scarf and have to charge other strips of fabric embedded in the land to progress through the journey. I found myself using the little pulse light feature and attempting communication with the random mp person I was with. Almost as if attempting morse code offering each other thanks and or indicating to go a certain direction. There are definitely several spots where I just wanted to admire the angle of graphical presentation and finer details of this simple yet beautiful game. I didn't attempt quitting so I don't know if there is any save feature... and beat the game in just over two hours. For this reason alone I am not giving it a 9. I had heard the game was short, but this was surprisingly short and for the non sale or preorder price I would definitely felt a little gipped. What's nice is that it's so short however. And I do plan on playing it again seeing if there is more I can discover and maybe get a few more trophies along the way. A unique and well presented gaming experience, but just too short to justify the price.