Thank god for progress.

User Rating: 7.7 | Jetpac Refuelled X360
I'm showing my age here.
I remember buying this game on the Spectrum when it first came out.
Back then, with a massive 16k of memory to code with, this was the dogs danglies, colourful, simple and addictive.
The release of this brought back a lot of memories, some that really should have stayed where they were.
My kid gives me a certain look sometimes, where she's not quite sure if I'm pulling her leg, its the one she gave me when I told her that the game save files now are bigger than whole games I played when i was her age.
Thank god things have moved on.
The game play is still pretty much the same collect the rocket peices to build the rocket, fill it with fuel and then laucnh for the next planet, but before it had only 4 ships and 8 repeating levels, now its 128 levels and way more ships, and when you need to do the same thing that many times it gets very dull, very quickly.
And all the memories of the Spectrum original were butchered, i'd forgotten about the invisible box around the player that means you get squished when you can see you've missed the enemy, and the small matter that the Spectrum couldn't handle more than two colours in any 8 by 8 graphics block comes back to haunt as the colours flicker when you get close to a platform and an alien thats out for your blood.

Regardless, worth the points but don't expect too much, and leave your rose-tinted memories of Spectrum gaming at the door, things change... thankfully.