Best and cheapest 3D game on the market. Ride an Ikran! Take down AMD suits

User Rating: 9 | James Cameron's Avatar: The Game X360
How can Gamespot review be so low? I guess gamespot reviewed the game before they see the movie and did not updated it after.
This game is very beautiful and have great action "avatar movie like" sequences.It is not perfect as a bit repetitive sometimes but in what other game can you ride an Ikran or take down a AMD suit?

You can play as a Navi or as a human in this game which increase a lot the lenght of the game.
The updagres you can make in the game clearly improve the feeling of power of your Navi. Being to call Nature to help you in fights is definetely a great feature.
All vehicles and beasts character use in the movie are playable in the game.

In additional to that Avatar is the cheapest Fully 3D tv compatible game on the market right now.
Give it a try if you have no 3d TV, but BUY IT if you are lucky to have a 3D compatible TV. The 3D in this game is awesome.