epic no, entertaining yes.

User Rating: 7 | James Cameron's Avatar: The Game X360
well this game suprised me, the jungle graffics were really good, run and shoot mechanics were decent. Nice amount of exploration. And lots of little tid bits to keep you busy, like scanning flora and fauna, finding all the teleporters and ammo stations.

And on top of that, human or navi some neat upgradeable weapons and skills.
Then add to that several vehicles, or in the case of the navi, biological vehicles.

Now im certainly not saying this game sits in the big leagues with the plethora of other shooters,but it is in fact quite decent. That being said i certainly don't think this games worth 60 dollars either. For a movie tie in game, its darn good, better than most. The whole game reminds me of playing the multi player maps in GRAW, only fighting man eating plants, feral animals and of course the hostile native inhabitants of pandora, or the soulless capatalistic leathernecks of tera firma. Except you also get to piolet some different craft.

My advice would be rent it for sure, or if ye be lucky and find it on the cheap,
buy it.