Every part about his game is the best of the gamecube James bond games except for the multiplayer

User Rating: 9 | James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing GC
This game seems to be a very well refined game. The game is much longer than some of the other James bond games, there are more fun driving missions, the graphics are more appealing, the action is better and many other things. This is definitely the number one of the series although I did prefer the multiplayer in agent under fire. The difficulty of this game is just right because the highest level of difficulty, 00 agent is usually very hard, agent is fairly hard to semi easy and the last level is never too easy but usually it does not take very much trouble to finish on it. Some people might prefer the multiplayer in this because of the co-op option, but the normal death match is very lame compared to past james bond games. To sum it up, almost everything about this game is great and is definitely worth it.