One of the worst games that I have ever played.

User Rating: 2 | Iron Man X360
Despite Iron Man being out for a few years I never played the game. I enjoyed the movie and when a friend said that I could buy it off him very cheap the game I decided to try out the game despite it being a movie game. One of the stupidest things I have ever done. I want my £5 back.

Story - The story is the story from the movie so it isn't really that bad I dont need to go in depth about the story if you've already seen the movie.
However the game adds in a side story that is pretty terrible and doesn't really make sense. On the first mission the military is attacking you that are your employees it doesn't make sense. Overall the story is the strongest part of Iron Man and it's still pretty weak.

Graphics - When I first started the game and watched the first cutscene I thought this doesn't look to bad. Sure it's not up to par with most games but it doesn't look too bad. Too bad that the environments in-game just look awful. The games graphics could be a low quality Xbox game. Yes they look that bad. The cutscene's don't look to bad though.

Gameplay - Just about every bit of the gameplay is broken. Let's start with the good, you can fly that's about it. Now the bad. The flying is terrible you move way to fast through the air making the screen go very blurry, it could probably give you motion sickness if you play it for too long.
Another broken aspect of this game is the controls. You only use one analog stick to fly this makes flying way harder than it needs to be. Some of the button placements also feel way off. Why is LB to fly? Why not LT and then have RT to fire. The controls just were not well done like every aspect of the gameplay.
Combat isn't broken in any way it just isn't any fun at all.
Unfair difficulty spikes are common in Iron Man making for some very fustrating encounters. One minute you will be doing fine then you will be having too many missles thrown at you causing you to die and have to go back the the last checkpoint.
The gameplay in Iron Man is quite simply awful but it's still not the worst section of the game, let's get onto enjoyment.

Enjoyment - Iron Man gave me no enjoyment at all. None.
I can't say about the length of the game because I didn't manage to finish it. I imagine that there is no replayability.
Despite not being the worst game I've ever played, that crown belongs to Vampire Rain. I strongly reccomend that you avoid this game at all costs.