Great and Humorous actors, odd storyline, brilliant gameplay. Online can be fun to.

User Rating: 6 | Invizimals PSP
This game starts of with a tutorial with Kenni which is really great. It explains what invizimals are and basically what you'll be doing during the game. Hunting, Catching and fighting invizimals. Each invizimal has its own specific colour that it has to be found on. Although it can be annoying it's a good challenge trying to figure out witch colour it is and if you can't the game will tell you. During the story the will be many many many twists such as your friend Kenni (or Kenichi) is kidnapped and his PSP is confiscated. The storyline progresses with many twists and turns but can be a bit odd and misleading sometimes. The online play can differ between if you have updated your game or not if you have you can chat, battle and trade. If you haven't you can only chat. Although the online play is great this can be very annoying. Overall the graphics are great, gameplay such as searching for the invizimals is also good.