Could have been a lot better

User Rating: 5 | Injustice: Gods Among Us - Ultimate Edition PS4

The quality of the voice acting varies. Some fit very well while others, such as the guy who voices the Joker, simply don't fit. The sound track is good.

There's a lot of lag during the cut scenes, Which visually are not the best and certainly not on par with the standard of a PS4 game. Visuals during game play aren't the best either, Environments look sort of bland at times and the designs for the characters aren't the best either.

Game Play:
Very unsatisfying. It's not fluid enough and it's rare to combo more than 3 moves together at a time. Movement is sort of awkward and so are the controls, You'll find yourself jumping around when you don't intend to. Which is disappointing considering how enjoyable the game play from the 2011 MK game was.

The story is pretty interesting and worth watching cut scenes for. Game play isn't that fun. Visuals aren't as good as they could have been. Some character designs are pretty great, Especially Batman. Fairly good sized roster of 30+ fighters. It's pretty fun to do each person's special move but sadly there's only one a piece. No unlockables. The game has no replay value unless you want to play it online. Playing it online becomes boring after a short while. The added DLC characters are nice addition.

Overall: 5/10
I think Injustice is probably the most disappointing fighter I've played in recent years. Visually, It's not that nice to look at. And the game play isn't all that either, Especially when compared to the MK games that came before and after it. I'd like to see them come back for a sequel because it could be another big series for this developer. They just need to sharpen things up a bit more.