Play like a God or rule like the Devil !

User Rating: 9 | inFamous 2 (Hero Edition) PS3

Get ready to get electrified on this sequel of InFamous. The story bring back what happened previously on Empire City. Cole adventure is to obtain more power in order to face the Beast. With this he must go with his crew to New Marais. This sequel show us a good improve of the visual graphics and allow the player a new extended playground to be discovered. Although the new characters seem to have a lack of story, we can deduce that there is a connection between all of them. Cole can now see his gallery with more powers to unlock and they are pretty awesome and unique. Each side of the karma has its own powers, and they are pretty impressive.

Cutscenes are so captivating as interesting with the cartoon style

With the thirsty of getting more power, Sucker Punch improve the mechanics of melee attacks. With the “Amp”, kind of sword electrified we can save some energy to larger wave of enemies and use this sword to eliminate small groups or individually enemies. The Militia and the swamp monsters are the real enemies and they make a good challenge to the player. The main missions can be very intense at time with awesome cut scenes with cartoon style make the player watch the whole thing till the end and follow the story properly.

The AI (Artificial Intelligence) is good for this kind of game with their cover system and organization and sometimes you will be caught offguard , so be always prepare for a fight!

Be ready for tough decisions..

The decisions are still important to the development of the story and the kind of powers you get. Prepare yourself, it will be a lot of tough choices for you, and you have to face the consequences. In this sequel we have now the possibility of creating and share our levels, which allow the player more missions and different kind of them besides the main and secondary missions. However, I came across some bugs related to the environment, like getting stuck, or the animation of flying and im in a roof, stuff like that… It’s a totally recommendation to buy this game. It has a lot of things we can do besides doing the main missions, and we can have a challenge around the corner. Definitely go try this game, because it will surprise you!