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inFamous 2 Cheats For PlayStation 3

  1. Unlock All Powers + 15K Bonus XP in Post Game.

    Complete the story twice, once with the Hero route and a second time as Infamous or vice versa. After the second play through, after the credits end, a message will come up as the post game becomes available that will say that you have completed both paths in Infamous 2 and have unlocked access to the opposite Karma powers of your current Cole along with the powers of the character you didn't transfer with, you are also granted 15,000 XP to help with paying for them for some extra post game fun.

    Contributed by: _PHOENIXZERO_ 

  2. Early access to Flood Town

    Go into your mission editor and move your marker to either bridge that connects the first half of New Marais to Flood Town. Raise the marker so that it's at least a good 50 feet higher than the raised bridge. Now exit your mission editor and Cole will instantly appear where your marker was when you exited. You should be able to use your thrusters and clear the gap between the raised bridge and into Flood Town.

    Contributed by: Soldier3rdClass 

  3. Fast Travel

    Using a glitch with the User Generated Content editor, you can move Cole anywhere in the game world.

    1. Start the game and open a blank mission using the editor.
    2. You will see a circular marker on your screen. You can move around using the left stick and move up and down with L1/L2, respectively.
    3. Simply move the marker to anywhere in the game world you would like Cole to move.
    4. Press X and exit the editor (don't save); Cole will now be at the location of the editor marker.

    This is very useful if you happen to not feel like walking from one end of the city to the other. This can also be used to obtain the "Back to the Bayou" trophy as soon as the UGC becomes available to you in the game.

    Contributed by: Ronge 

  4. Extra Blast Shards (Evil Karma Only)

    This comes in handy early in the game if you want extra blast shards. There are two mini missions that allow you to get more blast shards: Defusing the bomb and chasing down a civilian that has one. If you are on an Evil Karma run, you can get the blast shard offered from the bomb mini mission while also not doing the mission itself, so your Karma meter is unaffected. When you see the bomb icon pop up, get near the bomb and shock the policeman guarding it, when he is out of the way, tap the Drain button (L2) to drain the bomb slightly. This should defuse the bomb and allow you to get the blast shard, without actually doing the mission and getting a Good Karma rating

    Contributed by: knukleheadninja 

  5. Repeatable 100 XP

    After you use the transfer device in the story mission Storm the Fort, you'll get a bonus for 100 XP. If you kill yourself using the deep water to your left, you'll respawn at the same point and get the 100 XP. You can repeat this as many times as you like.

    Contributed by: FFaddict1313 

  6. Trophies

    Complete BOOM! A Streetcar Named 'Boom!'
    Complete Nix's New Family. Am I The Daddy?
    Complete Hearts and Minds Campaign. Ambulance Chaser
    Earn full negative Karma. Arch Villain
    Defeat 300 enemies. Army Of Me
    Return to the swamp blockade. Back to the Bayou
    Collect 50% of the available Dead Drops. Behind the Curtain
    Give Bertrand what he wants. Closed Casket Affair
    Defeat 100 civilians. Cole' Blooded
    Take down the Blast Shard Bomber. Dazed and Defused
    Take down a street performer who is imitating a statue. Discerning Taste
    Climb a chain link fence and rejoice. Don't Fence Me In
    Complete Exposing Bertrand. Exposure
    Ascend 50 vertical launch poles. Express Elevator
    Destroy 30 verandas or other large objects. Extreme Makeover
    Unlock the good ending. Fight the Good Fight
    Perform 100 finishers or ultra melee combos. Finish What You Started
    Unlock the evil ending. Forging Your Own Path
    Complete the ice Conduit side missions. Frozen Asset
    Choose Nix in Storm the Fort. Get Nix'ed
    Hurl 50 objects using the Kinetic Pulse ability. Go Long!
    Use the Precision ability to rack up three head shots in rapid succession. Head Hunter
    Use your Ionic Powers 30 times. Heavy Hitter
    Stop 80 crimes in progress. Hero to the People
    Defeat an enemy or civilian by stepping in water. I'm As Shocked As You Are
    Earn full positive Karma. Incorruptible
    Collect all other inFAMOUS 2 Trophies inFAMOUS 2 Platinum Trophy
    Take over the second island in New Marais. It's My Town, Now
    Pick up all the blast shards scattered around New Marais. Just One More
    Defeat 50 enemies in powered down areas while no missions are active. Knockout in the Blackout
    Take over the first island in New Marais. Land Lord
    Create a new mission using the UGC level editor. Level Up
    Unlock and purchase a power of each type by performing stunts. Matching Set
    Climb to the top of the 3 tallest buildings in New Marais. Mountaineer
    Stay off the ground for 130 meters. Nothing Can Bring Me Down
    Finish the game on hard difficulty. Pain Builds Character
    Complete Fooling the Rebels. Playing Both Sides
    Complete Leading the Charge. Quid Pro Kuo
    Send a Helicopter's rockets back at it using any Blast ability. Return to Sender
    Pick up 50% of blast shards scattered around New Marais. Shardcore
    Thunder drop into a group of 5 or more enemies. Shock and Awe
    Choose Kuo in Storm the Fort. Status Kuo
    Hit at least 6 cars in a single Ionic Vortex. Take Them For A Spin
    Complete the assassination side missions. The Cleaner
    Thunder drop from the highest place in New Marais. Thunder Flop
    Play 5 user-generated missions under the Newest filter. Trail Blazer
    Play 10 user-generated missions. UGC Curious
    Play 25 user-generated missions. UGC Veteran
    Defeat 25 enemies by throwing cars at them. Vehicular Manslaughter
    Defeat an enemy by destroying the object they stand on. Watch That First Step
    Collect all Dead drops. Well inFORMED
    Unlock and purchase all powers. With Great Power Comes Greater Power

    Contributed by: R351D3NT3V1L4