Death of IL-2 PC sims (Updated Review) 1c used a defibrillator

User Rating: 7.5 | IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover PC
This is What I wrote at the release of the game

"I really don't want to go to deep into the game, It is one of the worst games at launch I have ever played. Bug filled and un-finished are two words I can use to describe it. Most people who read this already know what is involved with the game. Yes it has massive amounts of potential but this is basically a paid Alpha. I'm sorry the Devs got rushed but 6 years? really? What were you guys doing?

In the end I would wait this one out, It has the ability to be the best ww2 flight (combined arms even) sim to date. but this is pure garbage At least the devs are working hard to fix it. If it gets murdered Hopefully the community can fix it.

If not...well, lets try to not think of that

Bottom Line: Olegs pursuit of perfection destroyed by Ubisoft's iron fist to get it out the door. I will never understand, they took a franchise that has sold millions of copies and destroyed it's name overnight. Good luck dev's, die in a fire ubisoft."

Now that that is out of the way I want to make a quick follow up review, 1c Definitely stepped up. This last beta patch that is available on the 1c forums, combined with some tinkering for my ATI card made the game go from unplayable (10-20fps) to highly enjoyable at 30-80FPS. the game now deserves the score I have given it, It still has bugs (haven't ran into a game breaker yet) but its a solid simulation. Yes it still needs work, and definitely needs the awesome community campaign makers to have at it. The multiplayer seems like where I would like to spend 90% of my time in this game, however it is still pretty rocky. Again I'm not going to go in depth in features, but if you enjoy flight simulations I would say buy it when it is released in America. When 1c fixes the bugs, adds the promised dynamic campaign, and the multiplayer is rock solid this game is easily a 10. And given how hard 1c is working on it, and sticking with it, I have no doubt they will follow through with these promises.