Ikaruga is a beautifully crafted and challenging game that everyone owes it to themselves to play.

User Rating: 9.5 | Ikaruga X360
Ikaruga is a simple concept, its an old school vertical scrolling shooter, but what makes it different is the polarity changing. Bullets come in two polarities, light and dark. When your ship is light, you absorb light bullets and do double damage to dark enemies. When your dark, its the exact opposite. You'll need to master polarity changes, and learn to do it quick because of a lot of tight situations. The boss battles are also epic and very very challenging. This game is unbelievably hard, but oddly, its the only game that i dont mind dying in again an again. Besides the addictive gameplay, the game just looks and sounds beautiful, with a very japanese feeling, with tranquil backdrops for the most part, and a great soundtrack. Overall for the price its being offered at and the amount of fun you'll have, its definitely worth buying.