fun but hard game to play but still fun

User Rating: 9 | Ikaruga X360
man where do i start this review i cant really go to deep cuz i am not finish with the game yet. when i read about this game a few months back i said cool ima get it cuz it new twist to the genre that i haven't seen in a while with these type of games.....well first off the gameplay is good just don't play online with it unless u can find somebody real close i played a player from japan and our connection didn't work out to well but the bad part i couldn't find that many us players well except one of my friends who has it too and he only has two ach. points on it that well ....just describe how hard the game is normally u would move fast when playing these type of games but this one right here is hard .............but i like the fact u cant flip ya ship over to different color but thats only part of the twist to the game ........ya enemies are also the two colors you flip into so when you flip to the black u kill the silver enemies while you absorb the bullets from the black enemies and vise versa also there is a chain of some sort when u kill some of the same colors ships or the enemy u start a chain of combos my highest is maybe a 5 but like i said this is fun but hard and i think u will enjoy this game too and fill even better when u finally beat and get all the ach.points well see ya soon for a follow up